Our Mission is to Make the World We Share a Better Place To Unite the Pot Smokers with the Free Thinkers into a Global Collective Creating Positive Energy

This Force will be Harnessed to Change the World and Save Our Planet

Free THC Stickers

If you're down with the cause

Follow the instructions for free THC stickers

We aim to light a spark that will burn into a wildfire of free thinking


We are giving away hundreds of thousands of stickers

to anyone who takes the time

to send in a self-addressed stamped envelope

THC was founded in 1993 as a streetwear clothing line based in Los Angeles
We discovered that there was a huge market of people who shared our love for
Marijuana and were looking for ways to express that passion

During a time when possession of a joint could get you arrested
We were famous for handing out packed sneak-a-tokes at all the trade shows
to the out-of-town buyers so they could enjoy their time in California

Our brand quickly grew and soon we were shipping to thousands of
counter-culture boutiques all around the globe

We played a major part in the proposition 215 movement
to legalize medical marijuana in California which was wildly successful and
changed the course of history on November 5th 1996

THC has never sold out
is still owned and operated by the same free thinker and pot smoker
who started the company in his Dad’s basement in April 1993

At the time of the Iraq War, THC had a huge sticker business
so we decided to manufacture millions of anti-war, pro-peace, pro-people
public service announcement stickers
We gave these stickers away freely to anyone who would take them
We advertised in all the skate, surf & music magazines for our fans
to send in a self-addressed stamped envelope and a reason why
(a poem, a drawing, a painting, a song, a story)
for free stickers and the response was overwhelming
Anti-war, pro-peace pot smokers sent in thousands of letters
and we filled up their stamped envelopes with our PSA stickers

Now 20 years later, as we find ourselves in the grip of another wave of war hysteria
THC has decided to relaunch the PSA sticker campaign
We have produced a new round of public service announcement
stickers that we are once again distributing
around the world to our fellow pot smokers and free thinkers
These new PSA stickers are anti-war, pro-peace, pro-people and
Anyone who sends a self-addressed stamped envelope
will receive a bunch of cool THC stickers