Our Mission Is to Make the World a Better Place

To Unite the Pot Smokers Together with the Free Thinkers into A Global Collective Creating Positive Energy

This Force Will Be Harnessed to Change Our World and Save this Planet

THC was founded in Los Angeles in 1993 as a streetwear clothing line. We manufactured lots of t-shirts, hats and hooded sweatshirts. We, and almost everyone we knew, were pot smokers and we had this novel idea to not be ashamed about it. We were proud of it and decided to dedicate our line to the glorification of marijuana.

We played a major role in 1990’s trailblazing movement to legalize medical marijuana in California. After 911, we decided to take a public stand against the status quo conventional thinking. Everyone wanted blood and war and vengeance while we advocated for brotherhood. We spoke of a better world with less hate and violence and more peace and harmony.

In the runup to the disastrous Iraq war in 2003, we manufactured over a quarter of a million anti-war, pro-peace, pro-people THC public service announcements stickers that we distributed free of charge through our wholesale network of cool alternative stores all over the globe. We handed them out at all the anti-war rallies. We invited anyone who would take the time and energy to mail us a SASE (self-addressed stamped envelope) and a reason why to participate. People, young and old, black and white, rich and poor, right and left responded enthusiastically to this campaign and THC PSA stickers were seen all over the planet.

Now, 20 years later, THC is doing it again. We have produced a new round of public service announcement stickers and once again we are offering them free to anyone who takes the time to send us a SASE and a reason why. The stickers have been adapted to current events, but the message is fundamentally the same. Anti-war, anti-racism, pro-peace and pro-common sense.

The elites who control the levers of power need to be stopped and defeated. They have grown corrupt and fat and only care about themselves and their fellow elitist. They will stop at nothing to stay in power. Their goal is to divide and conquer. They fear the people uniting.

We ask you to send us a SASE and when you get our stickers, tag our stickers. Tell you friends, tell your family, tell everyone.

The elites want you to be scared and divided. They want conformity. When your fellow man sees these stickers and realize they are not alone, more people will stand up and speak out and that is how we will accomplish our goal to make the world a better place.