FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE launches the first full featured social media platform to be seamlessly integrated with largest single online marketplace for cannabis related products and original programing.

On, vendors can sell their products, users can join and build communities, and everyone can make money with a unique one-click affiliate marketing solution.

Customers can shop thousands of products from hundreds of vendors in the areas of CBDs, vaping and smoking accessories, growing supplies and general merchandise all with a single easy check out.

New vendors can create storefronts and list their products quickly and easily through a proprietary ecommerce marketplace system.

But there’s more, for those individuals, influencers and brands that want to join a cannabis community of consumers and enthusiasts is a full featured social media platform where you can post, comment, like, rate and share and unlike Facebook, Instagram or You Tube, doesn’t shut down accounts that talk about cannabis. We encourage it!

These two features: social media and e-commerce, are joined together that enables regular users to make money instantly by endorsing their favorite products with a single click. Join a community, post your comments, build a following, endorse products and make money. It’s that simple. is also a hub for news, information and entertainment for the cannabis lifestyle with original programming designed to help consumers navigate the exciting and rapidly growing world of cannabis products. does not yet sell any products with THC. While the irony is not lost on us, THC sales are right around the corner. So join today! is owned and operated by The Hit Channel Inc. The Hit Channel was formed in April of 2017 by the founders: Will Hobbs and Ali Digius to service the needs of the cannabis industry with its unique software platform.

Please come and check out the site and email us at for inquiries.