Sour Diesel

History and Heritage

The origin of the Sour Diesel cannabis strain is a bit of a whimsical American tale.   Sour Diesel has been reported as a cross of the Original Diesel  and “mystery strain” from the West Coast.  This mystery strain was purchased by an ambitious fellow named Chem Dawg during a Grateful Dead show in Colorado in 1991.  Our mystery strain turned out to be a tasty favorite and followed the Grateful Dead on tour to the East Coast where she settled down for propagation.  A few years later, a hermaphroditic strain of Super Skunk accidentally pollinated an entire grow room and Sour Diesel, as well as her sister, OG Kush, were born.


Sativa Dominate

Uplifting, Energizing, and Cerebral Effects

Fights Depression and Anxiety

Stimulates Appetite

Pain Management

Pungent Smell

Common Strain