Skywalker OG

History and Heritage

Just like its hero namesake, Skywalker OG has risen to become one of the greatest Jedi’s the cannabis galaxy has ever known. This couch-locking cannabis strain is a “must-try” for all Star Wars fans and sci-fi geeks, and a “must-have” for those marathon movie sessions. However, you may to do some searching to find our hero Skywalker OG.

With increasing legality, many popular cannabis strains are having to be renamed to preserve their very existence. For example, the popular Ewok is now called Alien Walker and Skywalker OG, is now also called Mazar x Blueberry OG. Each strain has been renamed to avoid the legal arm of Disney and skirt new laws regarding strain names potentially marketing to children.


Indica Dominate

Sleepy, Relaxing Effects

Combats Nausea

Stimulates Creative Thought

Pain Management

Pungent Smell

Common Strain