is proud to present part 2 of our exclusive interview with Kassim Osgood.

Kassim speaks to about health, lifestyle and the impact CBD has had on his life.

“You get your eyes open and you actually realize that it’s the gateway to health.”

The transcript of the interview is below.

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THC:                 When someone comes to you and says, “Hey, I want to try CBD, what’s your advice to them generally?”

Kassim:             First off, I ask them what they want to take it for, and if they’re not familiar with what CBD does and how it interacts with the body, I sort of give them a briefing on how it helps, how it works. I’m pretty sure if they want to take it, then they’ve heard a little bit about it, but I want to make sure that I dispel any myths or rumors that they’ve heard, because I don’t want people to take CBD and assume that it’s gonna do something that it’s not gonna do, and then they lose faith in it, and they sort of, you know, get bad reviews for it. So, I’m advocating on the side of people being knowledgeable about what they’re taking.

THC:                 Now, a lot of people are doing tinctures. Pure Hemp Botanicals tincture is 3000 milligrams. They are a seed to product company. If someone had this, what would you tell them about that?

Kassim:             Well, these tinctures are amazing. One, 3000 milligrams is a high dose, which is awesome for people who have, like, arthritis … My mother has arthritis. I try to get her to take as much CBD as possible, and these tinctures, they absorb … A hundred percent absorption rates, fast and effective, as well. And, the fact that Pure Hemp Botanicals is a seed to product is huge, because you want quality control to play a factor in what product you’re putting in your body.

Kassim:             Because, like I said, at the end of the day, we’re putting it in our body, so we want to know are they manufacturing it from the beginning to the end, and the user gets the best quality product, which is huge in this market, because there are a lot of products out there that don’t have that, that system, so this is a really good product.

THC:                 Now, there’s a lot of soft gels out there.

Kassim:             Yeah, the CBDs, the capsules are really good, and also, I like the fact that Pure Hemp Botanicals has a higher dosage for their soft gels. It’s actually good, because you don’t have to take as much of it. It’s just one pill, high dose, it makes it easy for everybody.

THC:                 CBD teas. You were telling me that your mother takes teas, you’re having her take the teas. Pure Hemp Botanicals has some teas. They have spearmint, chamomile and apple hibiscus hemp tea. Tell me about your opinion of hemp teas.

Kassim:             These hemp teas are amazing. When you mix, like, for instance, Pure Hemp Botanicals has a spearmint/lemon grass hemp tea, you not only have the value of the CBD in there, but you also have other herbs in there that add to the antioxidant boosting of the product itself. So, I mean, you have teas that will help to relax you. You have the hibiscus, and the chamomile, actually, is relaxing by itself, and then you add a CBD in there, you get your antioxidant and some plant flavonoids, and you actually get the free radicals to clear out your body, all the while being relaxed, and the aroma.

Kassim:             I mean, let’s talk about the aroma. That’s the reason why I drink tea, myself, just for the fact that when I want to relax and have the smells and the flavor, it’s comforting knowing that you’re putting a quality product in your body, and you’re getting great flavor.

THC:                 My favorite thing from Pure Hemp Botanicals is the CBD chocolate mints. So, this is a cool product.

Kassim:             I like that it’s 250 milligrams, because you can just snack ’em throughout the day, so you can just get that continual burst of CBD in the body, plus, it’s chocolate, and everybody loves chocolate mints.

Kassim:             And, I mean, if you have issues or worries about blood sugar, CBD actually helps regulate your blood sugar, so, you don’t have to feel too guilty about taking a little chocolate mint in there, the CBD kind of counteracts that. Plus, there’s only four ingredients on here, as well, so that’s how you know you have a quality product. When you can pronounce everything in the ingredient list, it means you’re going in the right direction.

THC:                 Wow.

Kassim:             That’s like a mouth full of hot chocolate.

THC:                 It tastes really good. It tastes really good. And, it’s minty.

Kassim:             Yeah, that’s awesome. I can kiss my wife after this.

THC:                 Mm, I want me another one.

Kassim:             See, I’d be the guy that would just eat the whole jar.

THC:                 Wow.