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Kassim speaks to about health, lifestyle and the impact CBD has had on his life.


“You get your eyes open and you actually realize that it’s the gateway to health.”


The transcript of the interview is below.

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THC:                 Hey, we’re here with Kassim Osgood, NFL Pro Bowler. Dude, welcome.

Kassim:             Thank you. Thank you for having me.

THC:                 Hey, man, so it is like the magic ticket to get into the NFL. How did that happen for you?

Kassim:             Well, first off, when you’re young you’ve gotta give up all your summer vacations, hanging out with your friends and after-school activities, then it just becomes football every day. So, basically, it’s kind of like joining the army but at a young age.

THC:                 And did you know you were gonna go into the NFL? Where did you go from, “Hey, I’m a good college player, I’m a good high school player”, to like, “No, I’m going all the way.”

Kassim:             I knew when I was younger. My older brothers used to beat the crap out of me and I could take it, so one of my brothers mentioned, “Yeah, you’re pretty durable, maybe you should pursue this. Maybe you could go somewhere.”

Kassim:             You know, when you’re playing sandlot football, everybody put a jersey on and they’re becoming a different player, like, “Oh, I’m gonna be Michael Irvin,” or “I want to be Troy Aikman.” They’d say, “Kassim, who are you gonna be?” I’m like, “I’m gonna be Kassim Osgood. I’m gonna be in the NFL, too.” “No, you gotta pick somebody, like, famous.” “I am famous, just not yet.”

THC:                 You seem like health and wellness is a big part of your current life, still.

Kassim:             Yeah, health and wellness is important to me. I mean, it has been my whole life. I’ve always wanted to be a person that lived to 120 so I could see, like, my great-great-great grandkids, but, I mean, I enjoy life, I love life, and the only way to enjoy it the most is to have a higher quality of life, and nutrition and health is something that will get you there to be able to reach all your milestones.

THC:                 Tell me about CBD. How did you get involved and interested in CBD?

Kassim:            Well, originally, you know, everybody’s … I’m like every American that’s been fed the lie, years and years and years of “Marijuana’s bad, it’s the gateway drug.” And then, when you get your eyes open and you actually realize that it’s the gateway to health. So, which gateway they were talking about, I don’t know. They were on to something, but it was the wrong gateway. They were assuming that it would lead to worse drugs.

Kassim:             But, for me, I never really bought into the hype of pain pills. I didn’t want to damage my liver, I didn’t want to damage my kidneys. I didn’t want to be dependent on something that relieved my body of pain that was also doing damage to it at the same time, and, I always led a campaign against doing pain pills. A lot of my former teammates would just take the pain pills and be done with it, and it was the easy, quick fix, but for me, I wanted to see a better quality of life after football, so I decided to start doing a little research and finding different avenues – homeopathic avenues – to fix the body internally and more holistically.

Kassim:             And, once I started researching marijuana, the first thing that went off was, “Okay, I’m going to pop positive on a test, I can’t take it now,” so, I started to dig a little deeper and find out metabolize, what they test for, how the plant breaks down in the body, what are the benefits, the side effects, things of that nature.

Kassim:             I mean, it was almost too good to be true. When you actually research CBD, you find out all the benefits in the body. And then that light goes off in your head, it’s like, “Why isn’t anybody talking about this? Why is this not available for everybody right now?”

Kassim:             Like, back in the 1960s, they said penicillin was gonna cure everything. Okay, well, then, how come CBD’s not the next penicillin? So, for me, I just became a full-on advocate, like, “Okay, when I retire and I’m able to take this freely and not have to worry about any drug tests, I’m all for it.” And I found CBD to be life-changing. Definitely been life-changing for me.

THC:                 How has CBD been life-changing for you?

Kassim:             First off, for me, CBD’s allowed my body to fully recover from the damage of football. I’ve had the full-plant spectrum CBD now, probably 3000 milligrams a day, and I’ve found that my joints have been a little less inflamed, movement, mobility, sleep patterns have been regular. I’ve had sustained appetite, I can maintain concentration and mental focus. My vision’s actually gotten better, surprisingly. I started to see a decline in my ability to differentiate between colors, and each color was becoming duller and more dull and more dull.

Kassim:             My taste buds, I was putting more hot sauce on foods trying to get flavor, seasoning things. My wife mentioned one time, “Why’s the food so salty?” I’m like, “This is as bland as heck, I can’t taste anything.” After incorporating CBD into my diet, I started to notice that my taste buds have become more vibrant, and I’m getting more flavors, scent, smell, aroma. My vision’s been a little crisper, colors have been more vibrant.

Kassim:             I think, overall, just the quality of life has been tremendous.

THC:                 Cool. What is your CBD regimen? Like, what do you take, how do you take it? What’s the process, and how did you find out about that?

Kassim:             So, a lot of people do juicing. A lot of people are familiar with juicing, a lot of people juice smoothies, for me, I have a full-plant spectrum CBD that I take, I put into my juice in the morning, and I just start off in the morning with probably a thousand milligrams, and then I do another boost at lunchtime. I’ll take a couple of capsules, 1000 milligram capsules, and then, at nighttime I’ll take the tincture, another 1000 milligrams, maybe 2000. You really can’t overdose on it. And the more that you can get in your body, the better.

Kassim:             You do get to a point where there’s a saturation level. I actually found this new technique where you eat mango. It actually clears your CBD receptors, and you can use it to increase your intake of CBD and actual functionality of your body to be able to use more of it.

Kassim:             So, for me, I just try to maintain a steady level throughout the course of the day, so that my body doesn’t burn it off, and then I have to rely on my storage so I can just keep going fresh every day.

THC:                 There’s full-spectrum and there’s isolate. How do you see those two as different, and what’s your opinion of them?

Kassim:             The CBD isolate is good for people who know exactly what they need CBD for, so it’s like a directed missile at the actual target that you know you’re familiar with.

Kassim:             Full-plant spectrum can cover a whole host of issues that people are unfamiliar with. So, if you want to make sure that you’re covering all bases, you take a full-plant spectrum, and it actually helps, because there’s so many [inaudible 00:06:07] in the body that CBD’s actually going to interact with that we’re not familiar with. We only know about, I think they said 63 that they know of, for sure, so there’s so many [inaudible 00:06:09] in the body that people are unaware of, and how to help and benefit your body, and I think taking a full-plant spectrum’s sort of like, for people who are not familiar with what they’re gonna need, or why they need it, they just know they want to take it, then I think a full-plant spectrum is better for them.